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Crystal Hydronic Fan Coil Radiators are a great solution for providing heating and cooling, working in combination with Air Source Heat Pumps. They are a fan assisted radiator that distributes the air throughout the room. The running costs of these radiators are similar to what you would expect from underfloor heating.


An Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) ideal emitter is Underfloor Heating (UFH). This is because an ASHP prefers to operate at low temperatures, often around 30°C. But not every property can have Underfloor Heating, either for practical or even design reasons, so an appropriate emitter is still required to function at these low temperatures.  The Crystal radiators are designed to work exactly and efficiently with these low operating temperatures. They can also work with traditional boilers and would still make them 3 times more efficient than the traditional radiators. To meet the MCS guidelines means that traditional radiators would have to be oversized.

Replacing your existing radiators with the Crystal radiators will allow you to reduce the flow temperature of your heat pump.
Crystal radiators are very efficient emitters and will work with hot water as low as 35C, in order to get the best performance and efficiency from an air to water heat pump.
They come complete with a touch screen display, remote controller, three way valve and a variable speed DC Motor as standard. Also included are adjustable legs which gives the option of having floor standing or wall mounted.

Crystal Hydronic Fan Coil Heater

Crystal Hydronic Fan Coil Heater

Crystal Fan Coil Heater

Crystal Display

Model Total Cooling Capacity Min Heating Capacity Max Heating Capacity
BM200C 0.75kW 0.99kW 1.55kW
BM400C 1.50kW 2.00kW 3.10kW
BM600C 2.20kW 2.80kW 4.60kW
BM800C 3.10kW 4.20kW 6.30kW


Key Benefits of Fan Coil Radiators

Having a Hydronic Fan Coil heater as part of your heating circuit will save on your heating bills on an annual basis, year after year.

  Alternative to Underfloor Heating
  Uses less energy than conventional radiators
  Can connect into an existing heating system
  Perfect emitter for Heat Pumps
  Does not effect your Renewable Heat Incentive payments

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