The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) launched in October 2015 the new sustainable criteria required for the Biomass industry. The Biomass Suppliers List was introduced, ensuring RHI applicants for households, businesses and other organisations use only good quality sustainable fuel. This also applies to existing claimants of the RHI, not just new ones. Under this new legislation, fuels must meet the sustainability criteria set out ensuring that all biomass heating systems run as efficiently as possible.

To make it easier for new applicants, all they need to do is ensure that they select a fuel provider from the recommended list. If you are intending to use your own fuel then this can be complicated, as unless you can prove that your wood (Log) is from a sustainable source, your RHI payments will seize. For home users though the rules are slightly more lenient, as you are allowed to use up to 10 tonnes from your own land per annum.

There is always a reason and benefit of using good quality wood that has been properly seasoned. Not only does it help buying from a sustainable source, but your Biomass boiler will benefit over the long term as well, burning more efficiently and using less fuel. This in turn means less servicing costs for extensive cleaning.

To find a local fuel supplier in your area, visit the Biomass Suppliers List.