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The Finches, Warwickshire

The task was to find the most energy efficient heating system for the detached dormer bungalow property in the Warwickshire countryside. The property currently runs on oil, so the new heating system needs to significantly reduce the heating fuel costs. Not only does the new heating system need to heat the bungalow but also the extension and the swimming at the back.



  • Determine that Biomass is appropriate for the property
  • Calculate the new heating and hot water demand taking the extension & swimming pool into consideration
  • New underfloor heating system to be laid throughout the bungalow and extension.
  • Survey, design and install new Biomass Boiler, district heating pipework and plant room for system
  • Complete groundwork’s for district heating pipework, base for plant room and construction of a brick built building to house the new system, buffer tank and day hopper.


JD Energy Services Ltd made the decision to replace the old oil heating system with an efficient wood pellet biomass system. They explored all the other possible options with air source and ground source heat pumps, but it was ultimately a biomass boiler that would fulfil the brief more efficiently. As there was no existing outside boiler room available, one had to be constructed. The intention was to have the boiler and the 1000 Litre Buffer Tank close to together inside this purpose built unit, with the 2 tonne Silo adjacent outside connected by a vacuum delivery unit directly into the boilers day hopper.

When the original heat loss calculations were done on the property, the swimming pool was taken into consideration as well. This meant selecting a boiler with an even greater output to accommodate both. JD Energy Services Ltd selected the 40kW BURNiT PelleBurn boiler with the 1000 Litre Sunsystem Buffer Tank to make the system operate more efficiently. The boiler has an impressive rate range from its nominal heat output of 10kW to a maximum of 40kW, with several powers of modulation. The Self cleaning function is a must for any boiler these days.


The completed installation will see the client save on annual running costs, even with the addition of heating the swimming pool. These savings will be in the region of 40% compared to the previous costs of the old oil boiler. On top of these savings; as the client has applied for the Domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive), they can expect their investment to be paid back within 7 years with these annual payments.

System Schematic

Key Facts

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