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Even though our core business is manufacturing, experience and knowledge has required us to provide more than what we produce. This is why we have added many new products to compliment our own. We not only want to provide quality, but we also want to supply value for money. The Renewables industry, specifically the Biomass sector has often been out of reach for most, but we have selected products that will make it more affordable and worthwhile now to choose Biomass and Solar Thermal.

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Biomass is an exciting side to renewables that compliments Solar Thermal extremely well. We offer both and much more, including all the necessary accumulators, such as the Buffer Tanks, Thermal Stores, Hot Water Cylinders, as well as a range of Domestic and Commercial Biomass boilers.

We have been involved in the Renewables industry for many years and believe that we are well placed to offer great advice. This can be on the products that we have but also on how they can come together to offer the best package for you that is cost effective and practical for your needs. 

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