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840kW GP Pellet Boilers – Bilston

The site in Bilston totals 970kW keeping it under the 1mW and comprises of 2 x 420kW GP Pellet Boilers and 1 x 130kW Gasification Boiler.


The client needed a system that would maintain the warehouse at an effective temperature that would prevent the Steel from rusting.


The bulk of the heat is produced by the two 420kW Pellet boilers, but this is supplemented by the burning of Virgin Waste Pallet Wood that gets supplied with each delivery of raw steel. By registering on the BSL as a Self Supplier the client is able to burn his own wood. The two Pellet boilers are connected to a 20 ton Silo supplied by Biomass Silo Systems and connected to a day hopper that is fed by a Vacuum unit. The vacuum system has a separate container that filters out all the unwanted dust that is created during transport and from the blown delivery. The GP Pellet boilers have no trouble burning these Industrial Grade Pellets, which have up to 6% fines.

The accumulated heat is stored within a 25,000 litre vessel which is then circulated around the warehouse. The heat is dissipated via 18 x 75kW Proton Fan Coil Heaters. These are extremely quiet and robust heaters that have three speed modes; low, medium and high. This is very useful when trying to achieve the correct flow rate through the system.

This installation was carried out and commissioned by JD Energy Services Ltd of Wales.