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Dame Allan School

The Renewable Heat Incentive currently offers a payment per unit of heat produced using renewable technology.  Schools, restaurants and hotels are just some of the organisations that could benefit from the scheme as they use a great deal of heating and hot water.

Currently, the Non Domestic RHI payments are 8.95p per kWh for ground source heat pumps and 10.28p per kWh for solar thermal panels. In addition, you will save on fuel bills even if you just use these to preheat your domestic hot water.

One scheme that benefits from this is the solar thermal installation at Dame Allan’s First School in Newcastle.  This installation was completed by Geowarmth, an established and accredited installer of renewable technologies who are also based in the North East.  


The solar thermal installation comprised of 180 evacuated tubes which produced enough hot water to preheat a Sunsystem SON 1000 litre twin coil cylinder.  We chose this cylinder as it matched our requirements. The price offered was also very competitive.

We are impressed with the range of cylinders they have to offer. Not only are the cylinders very reasonably priced, their packages are comprehensive as they include the insulation and gauges as standard. The workmanship and finish on the cylinders is to a very high standard.


We are impressed with the quality of the installation and the photographs show why Geowarmth has an excellent reputation for their workmanship.