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Bridgnorth, Shropshire

A 120kW Pelleburn domestic installation in a beautiful property in the Shropshire countryside that was running on oil to heat the property. The owners wanted to drastically reduce their CO2 emissions and switch to a more sustainable source.


The old oil boilers were in the basement of the main property, which was also prone to flooding due to being below the water table. A new site had to be found to house the Biomass Boilers so that they wouldn’t interfere with the original building and be above any water line. Being a domestic property with a 120kW Thermal Heat demand, the correct boilers had to be selected to meet this requirement.

Heating a property of this size on the current fuel is unsustainable. An alternative was required.

John Nicholls, Client


The decision was made to create a purpose built unit that would enclose not only the three BURNiT 40kW PelleBurn boilers but also the 2000 Litre Sunsystem Buffer Tank and 4 Tonne Silo. The three boilers were connected to the buffer tank in such a way that they would only come on when there was a drop in temperature within the tank. The greater the drop, the more boilers would operate. This meant that there was always enough hot water in the tank to meet demand.