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Cotswolds Solar Thermal

Imagine what it would cost to have your swimming pool heated the conventional way all year round. It would be a lot. Using solar would be a one off payment with nothing to pay ever again.

You would also be able to use your pool almost all year round as opposed to a few months of the year. This is mostly down to the high efficiency of Solarfire evacuated tubes, which are not effected by outside weather conditions.


Space to locate the collectors was difficult around the pool, so a decision was made to mount them facing due south at the end of the pool and not along the ground. We also wanted to keep the array as close as possible to the pool room, where the pool pump and heat exchanger were.

We wanted a long term cost effective solution to heating our pool, that also meant little maintenance.

Patrick Michaels, Client


The installers located all the Solar Equipment (Pump station & Controller etc..) in the pool room next to the existing pool equipment. This made everything easily accessible for servicing and maintenance. 20 metres of twin solar pipe was neatly laid connecting to the Solar array. The heat generated by the collectors flows and returns via the pool heat exchanger and filter, indirectly heating the pool.

The system operates autonomously without the client needing to touch any settings. The controller monitors the collector array and swimming pool temperatures which starts the pump once there is enough Solar Energy to heat the pool. The controller also acts as a safety; so rather than the collectors getting too hot, it will start the pump so the excess heat can be dumped into the swimming pool and turn it off when there is no more Solar Energy available.

These safety features are extremely useful in preventing the system from over heating. The Glycol within the system, will also prevent the system from freezing when the months start getting cold.