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Proton Guard Fan Blowers


PROTON GUARD fan blowers are designed for heating and use in aggressive environments such as poultry sheds and other agricultural buildings.


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Proton Guard Operational Manual


PROTON GUARD fan blower is especially designed for use in aggressive environments such as poultry and other farm uses. They are more resistant to high dustiness, increased humidity and corrosion making them more ideal for heating agricultural buildings. The design solutions applied in this series to a great extent contribute to the safety of operation and increase the unit’s life time.
The Engineering solutions within this product has increased greatly, including safety of exploitation and the operational life. The GUARD is equipped with a single-phase asynchronous fans which has low vibration and noise. The motor is waterproof which meets strict requirements for products safety of such kind. Moreover, the casing of special shape as well as heat exchanger with polymeric protection cover and enlarged membrane thickness used in the air heater.


Price includes mounting Brackets

Other recommended products for use with this unit are:

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RTS10 Switch Controller

Ecomatic RTS30 Digital Controller

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E15, E25, E35, E45, E55, E65, E75


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