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Flow Through Potable Water Expansion Vessels


The Reflex brand is well known in the heating industry and across europe as a leader in pressure control heating technology. These vessels are ideal where ultra hygiene is paramount for Potable Water.



Reflex Flow Through Expansion Vessels are designed in a such a way so as that there is no stagnation or contamination. This is done by keeping the water moving through the system with its stainless steel connection. There are varying sizes of Flow Through ranging for use in Domestic conditions to more Commercial operations where hygiene is of extreme importance, This is why these vessels meet DIN 1988 for drinking water in installations.

Reflex Flow Through Pressure Vessels are Nitrogen filled vessels.

For vessel sizes 2 – 33litres you will need to purchase the Flowjet Valve. Vessels above 60 Litres come pre-attached with the Reflex Flowjet Flow Through Valve

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Reflex Flow Through Vessels – Potable Water

60 Litre Specification Sheet

80 Litre Specification Sheet

100 Litre Specification Sheet

200 Litre Specification Sheet


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2, 8, 12, 18, 25, 33, 60, 80, 100, 200


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