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BURNiT Domestic boilers


GP Pellet 420




BURNiT have been manufacturing biomass boilers for many years and have an extensive market reach in Europe. They have a boiler for every renewable fuel source. For the Log boilers they produce the WBS & WBS Active boilers which are an extremely cost effective log boiler for burning standard logs, with the PyroBurn gasification boiler for greater efficiencies. 

For Pellets the PelleBurn & the Pell Set are the two boiler types on offer. The later being a combination of a WBS Active with a Pell Burner mounted on the front. In effect making this a combination boiler. The PelleBurn is a dedicated Pellet Boiler, so higher efficiencies are achieved.

For a true combination boiler the 30kW DC CombiBurn offers you the best of Logs and Pellets. 



In a very competitive market, we need a range of commercial boilers that offer quality and value for money. It's important that your boiler will last the duration of the 20 years (Non-Domestic RHI) and return your investment sooner rather than later. 

Our range of GP Pellet boilers and Bio-Pal boilers provide you with an RHI approved product that will burn just about any fuel. The Bio-Pal boiler ranging from 300kW-990kW is RHI approved to burn Wood Log, Reed, Rush and Hay. There are two models of the Alpha; the Pellet boiler ranging from 75kW-800kW and the dual fuel Pellet and Log Boiler.




BURNiT Pell burners allow for the conversion of a Log or Oil boiler into an efficient Pellet boiler. The burners come with an integrated controller enabling that optimum efficiency required, as well as controlling the self cleaning system and pellet feeds. The outputs of the Pell burners are suitable for the domestic size boilers from 25kW - 150kW.

Larger commercial burners: The Pell Mega are available from 200kW - 1mW. These burners are equipped with a microprocessor that controls the ignition, internal auger and combustion, monitoring the efficiency of the output which can reach 96%. Cleaning of the Burner grate is easy and convenient.