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BURNiT PyroBurn

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BURNiT PyroBurn Lambda
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BURNiT PyroBurn Lambda


BURNiT Log Gasification Boilers are highly efficient range of log gasification boilers, designed for economical heating of medium to large sized premises. The PyroBurn Lambda boiler provides an intuitive operational interface combined with a Lambda oxygen sensor to regulate the heat output.

The Built-in high temperature ceramic plates creates an even distribution of heat and so protecting the water jacket from the extreme heat created by wood gasification (up to 1200°C). Each boiler in the range has a very large burn chamber for their size meaning they can hold more logs, so increasing the burn time and requiring less loading during the day.

In the BURNiT Log Gasification Boilers, the emitted gas doesn't just go out of the flue as with standard wood boilers, instead, the reaction is continued and the emitted gas is superheated and mixed with air, resulting in complete combustion. The heat is then transferred to the boiler for efficient distribution. An additional benefit of the gasification process is that the complete combustion leaves very little ash.


The Lambda sensor measures the oxygen (O2) level in the exhaust gases. This information is sent to the boilers controller which adjusts the amount of oxygen fed into the combustion chamber. The probe will always ensure the device operates under optimal conditions, greatly reducing fuel consumption. The PyroBurn is fully automated once lit, requiring no manual adjustments. This sensor enables the boiler to reach efficiencies in excess of 91%, which adheres to the strictest current EU legislation.


Fully tested and approved according to EN 303-5, class 5.

RHI Emissions Certificate