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Gizex Multi Fuel Boilers

Gizex Multi Fuel Biomass Boilers are high quality, very cost effective range of boilers for burning wood, wood chip, straw, miscanthus, wetland grasses, hay and root stalks. 

The Bio-Pal M range of boilers can burn either cubed or circular bales from the Bio-Pal M 70kW upwards. This will include an option to integrate a fully automatic bale feed system.
From 100kW upwards, these boilers can now be equipped with optional ash removal systems.
These boilers are equipped with two combustion chambers, the lower chamber for loading the fuel. Once the fuel has been ignited in this primary combustion chamber, the gasification process takes place. The secondary chamber is the main combustion chamber, where the secondary combustion of the gases occurs. Here the usable heat is transferred to the water jacket.  A primary fan forces the air into the boiler which is separated into two streams, the primary and secondary flow. The primary flow is directed into the chamber where the fuel is lit and secondary air into the secondary chamber as required.  All the boilers are equipped with a bespoke system controller, which measures the temperature of the combustion and accurately regulates the flow of air required for complete combustion.  
The Gizex boilers are ideal for the agricultural market and nurseries. They offer farmers and crop producers a method of burning their waste products to produce usable heat and benefit from the commercial RHI payments.


The Gizex Boiler, controller and fan. Optional: Automatic Ash Removal System

Below is a list of all the available models and sizes
Bio-Pal M
40kW, 70kW, 100kW, 150kW, 200kW, 300kW, 400kW, 500kW, 650kW, 800kW, 990kW


Gizex Multifuel 40-70kW Boiler
Gizex Multifuel 40-70kW Boiler

Gizex Multifuel 100-990kW

Gizex Multifuel 100-990kW Boiler

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