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GP Pellet Boilers

GP Pellet boilers are an extremely robust and cost effective solution for any heating system. As you would expect the GP Pellet boilers come with an Auger fuel feeding system and high efficiency heat exchangers. The burner itself is easily accessed, with straight forward removal for simple maintenance and cleaning. Ash removal is a simple process with a conveniently located ash pan at the bottom of the boiler.

General access to any part of the boiler is very helpful, making these boilers very user friendly. This is especially helpful with the larger boilers.

Equipped with an integrated controller for the careful monitoring of the combustion process, this provides year round efficient and economical heat production for a wide variety of applications. The powerful Pell burner Pell is designed to ensure efficient heating of commercial and public buildings such as schools, hospitals, office buildings, factories and even greenhouses. The Pell Burner is equipped with a microprocessor controller, internal auger feed system, a high performance ignition system with ultra fast boot and a convenient cleaning of burner grate. This offers efficiencies over 96%.

The position of the fuel feed chute on the burner offers multiple positions for connection to an external Silo or day hopper. This gives greater flexibility in positioning the boiler or Silo, which is extremely helpful in enabling greater boiler room design options.

The range of pellet boilers from 130kW to 420kW is a very comprehensive selection. The simplicity is their strength enabling multiple boilers to be cascaded together providing even higher capacities, offering the end user the possibility of redundancy/peak load switching when large discrepancies in heat loads are prevalent. This can be for example during the summer months when hot water production is required without the heating.

RHI Emission Certificates are available for all the Pellet Boilers.


The GP Boiler, Pell Burner and Auger

GP Pellet 130 & 230

GP Pellet 130 with Auger and Silo

GP Pellet 130 Cutaway

GP Pellet 230 with Auger and Silo

GP Pellet 230 Cutaway

GP Pellet 420

GP Pellet 420

Rear of the GP Pellet 420

GP Pellet 420 Front View

GP Pellet 420 cutaway

Below is a list of all the available models and sizes
GP Pellet
130kW, 230kW & 420kW
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