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BURNiT DC CombiBurn

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BURNiT CombiBurn

BURNiT DC CombiBurn

The Multifuel Dual Chambered DC CombiBurn boiler is designed to burn both wood pellets and logs. The highly efficient Pellet burner is located in the lower combustion chamber. The upper chamber of the boiler is used for the loading of the wood logs, wood briquettes. Efficiency – up to 89%

The boiler comes with a built in controller that can switch from automatic or manual modes, depending on your preference. The operating functions include a fully automated ignition and fuel feed system, fans that ensure stable operation of the burner, a Self-cleaning system which can be activated 1 to 6 times a day every 24 hours. A clever built in discharge mechanism drives the ash and soot into a rolling container, which therefore helps with ease of removal.

The boiler also controls the operation of the central heating pump / buffer tank and the domestic hot water (DHW). The boiler can also be controlled remotely by a Room thermostat. The Manual mode option is best when burning logs only in the upper chamber.
Many sensors are available for the monitoring of exhaust gases, boiler temperature and water heater temperature. Two temperature sensors are also supplied to monitor buffer tank temperature if you which to set the boiler to a Buffer Tank operation.
The design of the Dual chamber means the Pellet burner comes in from the side of the boiler lower chamber and a metal grate separates the upper and lower combustion chambers. The Pellet burner and hopper have the ability to mount on the either side of the boiler as well. Two doors provide convenient access for cleaning the fume exhaust tubes and the combustion chambers. The three-pass flue gas flow offers improved heat exchange. 
A clever little eyepiece means you can keep an on the combustion process all the time. This is especially useful when burning logs.


Dual Chamber boiler, burner, fuel hopper and removable ash container


Fully tested and approved according to EN 303-5, class 5.

MCS accreditation and RHI Emissions Certificate