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Heat Pump Buffer Tanks by Sunsystem are for the storage of hot or cold water generated by a heat pump. It can also be used in heating installations as a buffer tank and perform the role of both energy storage and a hydraulic system equaliser. Heat Pump Buffer Tanks being used as a hydraulic system equaliser prevents frequent switching on and off of the heat pump; known as cycling. As well as a proportional hydraulic load between the different circuits of the system.


Insulation - Hard PU and outer steel sheathing with powder coating – RAL 9003.

Casing - Made of low carbon steel S235JR

Working Pressure - 6 bar.

Operating Temperature Range - 7 to 95оС

Connections - 1 ½“ tappings. The connections are at 180 degrees, and there are additional outlets on top and the bottom.

Installation - The 30 and 50 litre models are intended for wall mounting only whereas the 80 and 100 litre models are for both wall and ground. There are additional feet that can be mounted on the bottom.

PSM Specifications

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PSM Buffer Tanks


Heat Pump Buffer Tanks

Heat Pump Buffer TanksHeat Pump Buffer TanksHeat Pump Buffer Tanks

Benefits of using a Heat Pump Buffer Tank

Having a Buffer Tank as part of a Heat Pump installation is extremely important. These key benefits are listed below

  Energy for the Defrost Cycle
  Hot water is available on demand
 Helps maintain the correct system flow rates
 The heat pump improves the overall efficiency
 Prolongs the life of the heat pump by cycling