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Sunsystem heat pump cylinders have been designed to be installed with all makes of heat pumps, providing an efficient supply of domestic hot water. With the larger sized heat exchanger surface for greater heat transfer, these cylinders maximise the energy generated from the Heat Pumps, making them more efficient whilst reducing running costs at the same time. This large heat exchange coil makes these cylinders  also suitable for solar water heating and space heating.

The cylinders are manufactured with corrosion resistant Titanium enamel which is backed up with a sacrificial anode. This is very beneficial if your property is in a hard water area. These cylinders are designed using the heat pump as the sole heat source and will provide at least 50oC domestic hot water from the cylinder.


Sometimes available space is not always our friend. That is why Sunsystem have produced two different models to cater for exactly this eventuality. Both models have great heat exchange surfaces, but the SWP NL will offer not only the slim line appearance but also offer more Heat Exchange Surface per m2 due to its height, therefore having a greater Litre coil capacity.

These Sunsystem Heat Pump Cylinders have been developed to maximise the lower temperatures available from heat pumps, which is reflected in the ErP (Energy-related Products) rating. The European Union directive helps improve the energy efficiency and performance standards of hot water cylinders.

The SWP N & SWP NL come supplied with a Pressure Relief Valve, Temperature Gauge, Sensor Pocket and adjustable feet to raise the height of the cylinder as desired and keep off any cold surfaces.


Key Product Features

  Multi position mounting of temperature sensor
  Corrosion protection (titanium enamel & anode protection)
 All connection threads are internal
  High efficiency heat exchanger coil
  Inspection opening
  Connection for immersion heater

Below is a list of all the available models and sizes
150, 200, 300, 400, 500 Litres
300, 400, 500 Litres
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