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Sunsystem Solar water heating is a smart way to cut down on your monthly expenses for water heating. Solar water heating is probably the most cost effective way to generate hot water, because it employs the free energy of the sun. The sun is responsible for all life on Earth and generates a tremendous amount of clean, renewable energy that largely goes unharnessed.


Evacuated tube solar collectors with Heat Pipes are characterised by their high efficiency:  improved heat absorbing capacity, low heat losses and stable performance even in the harshest climate conditions. Temperature sensors can be mounted left or right, depending on the position of the heat transfer outlet.

The Heat Pipe itself is a compound of two concentric glass tubes with evacuated space between them. The inner tube surface is covered with a selective coating allowing maximum absorption of sunlight and high performance efficiency. Through the center of the heat pipe runs a hollow copper tube, inside which begins the process of evaporation of non-toxic fluid, transfers the heat to the tube manifold. Once reaching the top of the manifold the heat releases it energy to the collector pipe to heat up the glycol inside. The process is then repeated over and over again.


The New Line Solar Flat Plate collectors from SUNSYSTEM the PK Select AL comes with a full plate aluminium absorber and selective coating. These collectors can be used for both domestic hot water and central heating support throughout the year. The Collector absorbs the solar heat and emits it to the heat transfer fluid circulating through the internal pipes.


Solar Thermal

Solarfire VTCFlat Plate Collector 'PK Select AL'

Evacuated Tube Collector - Heat Pipe
2.36m2 / 3.11m2 / 4.55m2
2.0m2 / 2.4m2
Inclined roof / Flat roof


Key Benefits of Solar Thermal 

Having a Solar collector system as part of your heating circuit will save on your heating bills on an annual basis, year after year.

  Minimal maintenance
  Free Hot water throughout the year
  Your Carbon footprint will be lower
  Financial benefits from the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme
  Can connect into an existing heating system

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