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Sunsystem Thermal Stores Coil in Tank construction. Flexible stainless steel coil for on demand Domestic Hot Water surrounded by the Buffer Tank producing the hot water for central heating system as well.
The Domestic Hot Water heats up instantaneously as it flows through the stainless steel coil.
Can also be connected with up to three external heat sources and if required an electric immersion heater.


Made from tough carbon steel S235JR, ensuring a long life for the tank. This is protected and covered with 100mm of a highly efficient fleece insulation jacket. This jacket can be removed if the entrance is too narrow to the boiler room.


The HYG Thermal Stores are not only convenient in their use, but with all the connections at 90 degrees, this makes the HYG very practical for any installation. Enabling the tank to be placed in a corner of a room.


Key Features of the Product

The HYG Thermal Stores are ideal if you need both a domestic hot water cylinder and a buffer tank, but do not have space for both.

  Space saving with DHW & Central Heating water combined
  Removable fleece insulation jacket with a 100mm thickness
  DHW tube of sanitary grade stainless steel
  All internal Inlet/Outlet threads are at 90 angle degrees
  Convenient inspection opening

Below is a list of all the available models and sizes
500, 800, 1000, 1500 Litres
HYG B - No Coil
HYG BR - Single Coil
HYG BR2 - Twin Coil
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