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The Sunsystem Tank in Tank cylinder connects to your heating source to produce and accumulate domestic hot water (DHW) as well as hot water for the heating system.

Tank-in-Tank construction - The DHW tank is protected with titanium enamel and an anode, whilst surrounded by the outer Buffer water for the heating system.

Can also be connected with up to three external heat sources and if required an electric immersion heater.


Effective corrosion protection for the DHW (domestic hot water) tank by means of titanium enamel and two anode protectors . This jacket can be removed if the entrance is too narrow to the boiler room.

Below is a list of all the available models and sizes
600/150, 800/200, 1000/220, 1500/300 Litres
KSC - No Coil
KSC1 - Single Coil
KSC2 - Twin Coil

KSC Tank in Tank


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